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Questions and Answers

Question:  What is the object of the game?

Answer:   The object of the game is not to get a Task. A Task can be a project, favor, item, chore, assignment, etc., to be performed anytime after the game has ended.

Question:  What age is recommended to play?

Answer:   The recommended age of players is from 13 through adult. As the word "recommended" implies, a player's interest should be considered.

Question:  How many players can play?

Answer:   As little as two players or as many as 8. More players can play when you set up teams with one representative.

Question:  How long can the playing last?

Answer:   Players can decide how many times everyone can complete each round on the board. It can be one round or as many as decided. We recommend 4 rounds as an average which can usually last about 1 to 1-1/2 hours. 

Question:  How does the game end?

Answer:   The game has ended when only one player is left on the board.

Question:  What is a "Signature Series"?

Answer:   "Signature Series" are games that are signed by the inventor on a sticker which includes a serial number. They are usually placed on the inside of the box cover. Signature Series stickers are given with early games or by special request.

Question:  How can I become a part of the game?

Answer:   When playing the game you will become familiar with the 4 types of playing cards; Questions, Zany, Personal Experience, and Tasks. If you post a sentence pertaining to one of these cards and think we can use it in the game, then you may forward it to us for examination. Should we accept it, then we will put it in our future games and send you an email and the pertaining card. We will also send

you a proof certificate all free of charge. Our website and instructions booklet are ways you can find how to enter your sentence. To see more go to Fame to Game page.

Question:  Where can I purchase a Who Knows Who board game?

Answer:   You can purchase your board game right here on our website which is the best price found anywhere. Any other retail store will have to increase their price accordingly. 

Question:  Are games planned by the inventor in the future?

Answer:   Not at this time, but ideas have been inspired by the inventor. Keeping up with the game with additional card sets and our "Fame to Game" menu has kept him pretty busy.

Question:  What is the best seating arrangement when playing as couples or teams?

Answer:  It's best to alternate or mix players around the board to create better game unification. Separating players, such as couples, friends, and teams, places them in a better suitable position. As teams with only one representative of a team, the same applies.   

Question:  Is it essential to use the three-minute timer?

Answer:   The three-minute hourglass timer is basically needed to keep the game flowing at a reasonable pace. The timer does not have to be used if more time is needed. Players should agree to when the timer is not suitable.

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