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Family Board Game

A New Family Board Game is Sweeping the Country

They don’t make family board games like they used to – that is, until now. Who-Knows-Who is a new kind of family board game that is unlike any other that’s come before. It’s designed to encourage social interaction and allow contestants to prove their knowledge of one another. It’s great for families because those with intimate knowledge of the other players will do best. It can be played with anyone, especially if you want to get to know the other players. However, it’s a perfect family board game because what happens in the game can also translate into real life.
During the game of Who Knows Who, players compete to answer questions about one another. Those who answer incorrectly receive what are called debits. Any player with four debits must receive a task assigned by another player. Tasks should be completed anytime after the game is completed and can refer to any project, favor, chore, or assignment. The game's goal is to avoid receiving tasks, so you don’t have to owe anyone a favor after playing. This game is recommended for kids ages 13 and up; however, there is nothing inappropriate for younger children – it just may not be as fun for them as it is for older family members.
Family games don’t have to be awkward. With a game like Who Knows Who, you’ll be entertained for hours trying to guess the correct answers to questions about your family members. You’ll be amazed by how much you know and how much you don’t. Family games can be a great way to bond with your loved ones and create lasting memories you can keep with you for a lifetime. Who Knows Who is the perfect game to spice up your next holiday or family reunion. You can buy it today here at

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