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Board Game

A Brand-New Board Game That’s Perfect for All Ages

The board game industry has evolved over the years, and a new wave of interactive games seeks to bring players together. Who Knows Who is one such board game that relies on social interaction. In the game, players answer question cards drawn by other players. Players who fail to answer questions correctly receive one debit, and those with four debits receive a Task. Tasks refer to a project, favor, assignment, or chore that should be completed anytime after the game. So, the game extends beyond playing time into real life. It’s a fun and engaging new game that is an icebreaker and builds a connection between contestants. There is nothing quite like it currently available, and those who have played it say it is a fresh and entertaining new board game that will sweep the nation.
Who Knows Who is an excellent choice to play with friends, families, or as a couple. You will also find it a great test to see how well you truly know someone, and it can be a great icebreaker at parties. Inventor and designer Stephen created Who Knows Who to unite and entertain people, making it fun and exciting for all ages. He designed it to recreate a social club's frenzy and spontaneity for people to have fun and connect personally. It’s a great game if you are trying to get to know someone or want to test how well you know those around you. Order it today if you want a fun new board game with your friend(s) and loved ones. Once you play one round on the board, you won’t be able to stop. 

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