Want a little fame? Who Knows Who provides the ability to become part of the game permanently.
Here's how you can declare your fame with the WHO KNOWS WHO board game. Once you play the board game, you will learn that there are four different types of playing cards you can brand your initials to. The four categories are  Questions, Personal Experience, Zany, and Tasks. If you have a good sentence for any of the four categories and we accept it and insert it into our game, you will have your initials printed at the end of the sentence on the card. To secure and prove to your friends or family that you are the bearer of the sentence, you will also receive an official certificate bearing your name. It will include a registration number and the inventor's signature as well. Now, you can claim your "Fame to Game."  


Please keep in mind to make your sentence as short as possible to fit on the playing card.


There is no charge for receiving a certificate or placing your initials on a playing card.


You will only receive a notice by email if we accept your entry, which we will include upon the manufacturing of future board games. 


Thanks! Message sent.