New Couples Board Game

An Upcoming New Couples Board Game You Don’t Want to Miss

Dating is always a bit awkward at first. If you're looking for a new couple's board game that can help you break the ice, Who Knows Who is just the thing. It can be played with as little as two people, making it the perfect thing to play on a date. The game's goal is to avoid being assigned Tasks by correctly answering questions about the other player. You may want to brush up on your knowledge of your partner before playing. Otherwise, it could get awkward! But, if you're a new couple still getting to know one another, this is the perfect way to do so in a relaxed yet zany setting. If you've been with your partner for a while, then this is an excellent game to bond and prove how much you know about one another.
Who Knows Who is an up and coming board game in the market place, meant to inspire participants to interact and get to know one another. The designer and inventor of the board game Stephen Junda created Who Knows Who to simulate a social club for participants that could fit in a game box. He wanted to create an upcoming board game that would make players interact and inspire them to have fun and get to know one another.
That's what makes it the perfect new couples board game. It creates an easy environment for players to have fun and learn more about things they may not know. Plus, it includes tasks that must be completed after the game has ended – adding an extra layer of real-life excitement to the game. There is no upcoming board game like this currently on the market. If you're ready to try something fun and innovative, purchase the new couples board game Who Knows Who today!